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Since no one would play with me, I am taking my toys and going home! I'm committed to my gym workout 4x a week, but will no longer blog about em. Feel free to hijack this group and post your workouts, I'll certainly come back and join you. ************* A place to note your workout routines and get encouragement and ideas. I post almost everything as private cause I want people to join. So click here to sign up for the WorkoutLog Here's my story.... I injured my shoulder after a week straight of good, hard surfing in October. I kept surfing hard while eating a ton of Advil for another 4 weeks. In early Novembber I started waking up at night becuase my shoulder hurt. Couple nights of that, and I was ready to do something. Doctor, anti-inflamatories, physical therapy. Tendonitis, not a rip. Phew. Early December: No improvement. Stopped bicycling to work and really stopped using my left hand/shoulder/arm alltogether. Ice 2x day. Couple more weeks and I could tell it was starting to get better. yeah. Started going to gym and running hard in mid December. Now I want to be stronger and more flexible when this thing is healed than I was before I injured it. I will try to post a very brief synopsis of daily exercise.

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