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Since no one would play with me, I am taking my toys and going home! I'm committed to my gym workout 4x a week, but will no longer blog about em. Feel free to hijack this group and post your workouts, I'll certainly come back and join you. ************* A place to note your workout routines and get encouragement and ideas. I post almost everything as private cause I want people to join. So click here to sign up for the WorkoutLog Here's my story.... I injured my shoulder after a week straight of good, hard surfing in October. I kept surfing hard while eating a ton of Advil for another 4 weeks. In early Novembber I started waking up at night becuase my shoulder hurt. Couple nights of that, and I was ready to do something. Doctor, anti-inflamatories, physical therapy. Tendonitis, not a rip. Phew. Early December: No improvement. Stopped bicycling to work and really stopped using my left hand/shoulder/arm alltogether. Ice 2x day. Couple more weeks and I could tell it was starting to get better. yeah. Started going to gym and running hard in mid December. Now I want to be stronger and more flexible when this thing is healed than I was before I injured it. I will try to post a very brief synopsis of daily exercise.

Wednesday January 18, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 17, 2007 at 9:45AM

15 min bike warm up
medicine ball stretch
1 min balance on all fours on swiss ball with single leg raise
1 min swiss ball hand walk caterpillar
bosu ball square jump 6 laps
3 x 8 pushups on with hands and feet on own bosu
3 x 8 each side kettlebell press with ~ 10 lb
3 x 4 straight arm raises with ~3lb ball
4 x 8 standing tricep curl on the cable machine with ~15lb
4 x 8 bicep curl w/~15lb dumbell
15 min bike cool down

feels good to start working the shoulder. pushups!

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Monday January 16, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 16, 2007 at 9:55AM

1.5 mi warm up on bike

10 min
caterpillar walk on swiss ball
balance sitting on ball

quick intervals of the following for 45 min

12 x flat bench leg raises

8x each side reverse wood chop

30 seconds sprint with hard resistance on the stationary bike (ouch)

set of 8 on the vasa trainer

rest 60 seconds, repeat. The first round is easy, but by the end of the 40 min, I was failing at all of the exercises.

stretch groin, hamstrings for 15 min.

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Sunday Januray 14th, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 14, 2007 at 4:59PM

10 mile easy pace warmup bikeride (brrr. cold here in san fran today)

wall illiotibial movement (10x each side):

12 stomach scoops on swiss ball
3 lat/back arm circles (each arm) with hips on swiss ball
30 second balance on all four on swiss ball
12 swiss ball full extension stomach crunches (ouch)

10 min groin, hamstring stretch

5 min cool down bike ride home

the first set of crunches were a breeze. the fourth set, torture.

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Saturday January 13th, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 13, 2007 at 4:49PM

1.5 mile warm up to moderate jog
4 bosu square jump (forward, side, back, side) x 6 or so
12 bosu obstacle course (think mogul skiing) as fast as possible for about 5 min with a few breaks

stack 2 bosu and do one legged squats (ouch) about 2 min

One-arm kettlebell snatch @ ~20lbs 20 x 4 (each side. much lighter on injured left shoulder)
(that's not me in the pics. just found on google!)

one arm kettlebell jacknife @ ~20lbs x 5 x 4 (each side. much lighter on injured left shoulder)

lunges about 1 min

Cable Twist @ about 30 lbs 20 x 2 -- don't kow how to describe this one and can't find a picture....will work on it, but an ab/core workout

inplace lunges on benches about 1 min

15 min stretch hips, hamstring ... ouch.

walk 1.5 miles home

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Thursday January 11th, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 11, 2007 at 10:27AM

1.5 mile warm up to medium run
1 hour stretching: hips, groin, chest, shoulder, hamstring, hamstring, hamstring. Quads, glutes, calf.
1.5 mile cool down run

tomorrow is a rest day.

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Wednesday January 10, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 10, 2007 at 9:45AM

Ok, this would be alot more fun for me if some of you would post your workouts too!

1.5mi warm up to moderate jog
10 min stretch groin, ham, quad, calf, glute
2 min stretch with medicine ball
2 min lunges
10 leg raises on bench

10 x 4 @ ~20lbs cable twist (tried to find a picture, but no joy)

4 sets of the following
40 seconds plank to 20 seconds pushups
12 bicep curls with 20lbs each arm
12 side lateral arm raises with like 2 1/2 lbs per arm (just to get my injured shoulder moving)

4 x 1 min wind sprint intervals on the stationary bike

1.5 mi. cool down jog

shoulder feeling good enough that i biked to work for first time in six weeks. ya!

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Monday January 8, 2007

Posted By Arthur Cinader on Jan 8, 2007 at 8:18PM

Achilles tendon is bothering me a bit, so no warm up jog today. Drove to the gym (radical).

10 min ham, quad, calf and groin stretch
10 min balance on ball. First on all fours and then sinle leg raises.
5 min lunges forward accross room and then backward
4x8 reverse woodchopper @ 17.5 lbs
Reverse WoodchopperReverse Woodchopper
4x8 deadlift with ~70lbs
5 min stretch hamstrings
1 set of 30 deadlift with ~50lb (non-stop without touching down).

Shoulder is getting much much better. Should be back in the water in a couple weeks :w00t:

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